Thursday, 15 January 2015

#walejokes #randomjokes

A Yoruba boy was dating an
Igbo girl whose name is
The boy told the girl to lie to his
mum when he takes
her home that her name is Bisi.
He told her his mum
had a phobia for non - Yoruba
people and would never
accept her once she finds out
her name is an Igbo
She decided to do as he
instructed on sighting the
boy's mum.
The mum asked her what her
name was and she said
'Bisi' but not without her
characteristic thick igbo
The boy's tribalistic mum was so
happy that her son
had found a Yoruba girl to get
married to, ignoring the
Igbo tone.
She exclaimed, What a lovely
name, my son's elder
brother is Adebisi, his Dad is
Olabisi and my best
friend's name is Omobisi, which
of the Bisi is yours?
The girl was confused and
replied, Ndubisi..