Thursday, 20 June 2013

Eagles Stunned, Unfazed by Brazil Boo Boys

Nigeria were booed for long spells of their 6-1 win over Tahiti on Monday in the Fifa Confederations Cup and players say they were shocked at the action of the fans, mostly Belo Horizonte locals.

"We were surprised when the fans were booing the team and we didn’t understand why.” Captain Vincent Enyeama said the players did not expect it, but just needed to focus on the job.

 "It was a surprise to us, but we can't dwell on it and we just had to keep our focus and do our job," Enyeama said.

For Oduamadi, claiming the points overcame anything else, "The most important thing is that we got the goals and won, so it doesn't really matter."

City officials later told that the fans booed because they were disappointed by the Nigerian team's shenanigans and threat not to come down for the tournament.

"They were not happy, and until the last moment, few people knew whether Nigeria was coming or not