Wednesday, 19 June 2013

FG To Ban The Use Of Generator

As unlikely and weird as it may sound,the federal government has said all generator distributors/wholesalers and retailers should start packing-up,that at the end of August,there would be a ban on the unauthorised use and selling of generators in the country
They said,Generators will only be allowed in life-saving institutions and for life-saving purposes. Institutions like Hospitals,banks,TV stations and other institutions that can’t survive with power outbreak would only be allowed to use generators with license from the federal government.
They further said banning generators would allow them focus more on the problem that has been a major concern for a very long time,which is constant power supply.
Nigerians have responded saying It would be a good step if there was steady power supply but as things are,living in Nigeria in the next 3months,would be hell when there is no light.