Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Naija Police Has Done It Again!

Is it possible every young man is involved in illegal jobs? Owning a car at the age of 20-25 a big deal?

Some pictures of what happened today at Akure,Ondo state
The owner of the car.

His friends.

Unfortunately for these jolly friends their day didn't go well as planned,they were stopped by the police on a normal routine and the questions began.

who owns the car? Where did you get it? How did you get it? Who gave you money? Are you Yahoo boys? And all sort of unexpected questions. 

Without delay they were told to get out of the car,told the friends to watch the car while the owner does the punishment for owning a car he worked hard for!

These young men are graduates and work in good companies.

The Nigeria Police needs a lot to learn!!!