Thursday, 27 June 2013

Man wearing “My Money Grows Like Grass” Shirt Abducted in Benin

A Man was abducted this Morning at 1st East Circular Road in Benin by suspected kidnappers after he was spotted wearing a “My Money Grows Like Grass” Tee Shirt.
The abducted man, identified as Nosakhare Ihovbare, is well known in the neighborhood for wearing the “My Money Grows Like Grass” shirts. According to his neighbors, he has different colours of the shirt, and wears them everyday.
Kidnappers must have noticed his shirt caption, which has led to his abduction.
In their ransom note, the kidnappers said “We know this man has money, money that grows like Grass. Therefore his ransom is set at N200million naira. Don’t even play with us”
His mother however has cried out, saying her son Nosa is just a poor okada man, or used to be, until Oshiomhole banned Bikes.
“Me been warn am ooo! Me been warn am say that shirt go bring problem. Where me wan see N200million, eh epaa? Where??” she cried “Shey he say he money na grass, i go pack grass go give the kidnapper o! Iyee meee! Osanobuwa oo!”
Police are currently investigating the matter.
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